Beurr Hardy Pear


'Beurre Hardy' is an excellent dessert variety with a distinctive flavour. It is susceptible to late frost and needs a sheltered site to thrive. Like all pears 'Beurre Hardy' is worth growing even if you don't like the fruit. It is very ornamental in flower with branches covered with white blossom. The leaves of this variety also turn bright red in autumn. Pruning depends on the tree form and vigour of the rootstock and should be checked in a handbook. Pick the fruit while still hard in mid-September and leave to ripen in store.


Translations: Beurr Hardy Bumbieru, Beurr Hardy Kriaušė, Beurr Hardy kruška, Beurr Hardy Gruszka, Beurr हार्डी नाशपाती, Beurr Харди груша, Beurr Hardy Αχλάδι, Beurr هاردي الكمثرى, Beurr 하디 배, Beurr Hardy Hruška, Hardy Beurr Pear, Beurr Hardy peras, Beurr哈梨, Beurr Hardy Pera, Beurre Hardy Hruška, Beurr הרדי אגס, Беурр Харди Крушка, Beurrハーディ梨, Beurr Hardy Birne, Beurre Hardy Pera, Beurr Харді груша, Beurr Hardy Päärynä, Beurr Харди Круша



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