Snowbank Mushroom


Snowbank mushrooms are fungi that pop up in moist soil in high elevations as snow melts in the spring, particularly in Colorado, Utah and other Rocky Mountain states in the US. This is not a particular species of mushroom, rather a category of mushrooms. Some, such as Hygrophorus subalpinus A.H. Sm, are edible and available in markets in California and the Pacific Northwest.


Translations: Kupena Sēņu, Pusnis Grybavimas, Snowbank ciuperci, Smet gljiva, Nấm đống tuyết, Zaspy śnieżnej Mushroom, Sneeuwhoop Mushroom, Snowbank मशरूम, Сноубанк грибов, Snowbank Μανιτάρια, المنحدر الثلجي الفطر, 눈더미 버섯, Závěje hub, Tumpukan salju Jamur, Makapal na niyebe kabute, 斯诺蘑菇, Banc de neu de fongs, Set Mushroom, Záveje húb, Cumulo di neve di funghi, שלג גדול, Сет гљива, スノーバンクキノコ, Snowbank champignons, Schneewehe Mushroom, Banco de nieve de hongos, Сноубанк грибів, Lumikinos Mushroom, Снежна преспа гъби

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Morels

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