Black Drum Fish


Black drum is a fish, of the croaker family, related to sheep heads or red drums that is prevalent in lagoons or bays and can weigh up to 30 lbs. It is a favorite of many restauraunts.


Translations: Black Drum Zivis, Black drum Žuvys, Drum negru de peşte, Black Drum Riba, Black Drum Cá, Black Fish Drum, Zwart Drum Vis, काले मछली ड्रम, Черный барабан рыбы, Black Drum Ψάρια, أسود طبل الأسماك, 블랙 피쉬 드럼, Černá Drum Ryby, Black Drum Ikan, Black Drum Isda, 黑鼓鱼, Tambor Negre peix, Čierna Drum Ryby, שחור תוף דג, Black Drum Fisk, Црна Друм Рибе, 黒は魚ドラム, Black Drum poisson, Drum Black Fish, Black Drum Fisk, Tambor Negro pescado, Чорний барабан риби, Musta Drum Fish, Черно барабан риба



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