Flemish Red Ale


Flemish Red Ale is a style of sour ale usually brewed in Belgium, it appears deep red to brown in color, and should remain fairly clear in a glass.


Translations: Flāmu Red Ale, Flandrijos Red Ale, Flamand Roşie Ale, Flamanski Crveni Ale, Ale Red flamandzki, Vlaamse Red Ale, Flemish लाल शराब, Red Ale Flamengo, Фламандский Красный Ale, Φλαμανδική Red Ale, آل الأحمر الفلمنكية, 플란더스 레드 에일, Vlámské Červený Ale, Flemish Merah Ale, Flemish Red serbesa, 佛兰芒红阿勒, Ale Roja Flamenca, Flamski Red Ale, Flámske Červený Ale, Fiamminga Red Ale, עלה אדום פלמי, Flamländska Red Ale, Фламански Црвена Але, フランダースレッドエール, Ale-Rouge flamande, Flämische Red Ale, Flamske Red Ale, Flamske Red Ale, Ale Roja Flamenca, Фламандський Червоний Ale, Flanderin Red Ale, Фламандската Червен Ale



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