Cardoon is a perennial plant originating from western areas of the Mediterranean. This plant is not only a healthy vegetable but also makes for a great ornamental garden plant.

For eating purposes, Cardoon must be picked before it starts to flower and wrapped in spring with paper or plastic to blanch the leaves. The result is a tasty, nutritious vegetable.


Translations: Lapu artišoks, Dygusis artišokas, Anghinarea de grădină, Kardoen, Artisjokk, Cardo, Кардун, Κάρδος, Kardový, 卡多, Cardo, Kardij, Kardový, Cardo, Kardon, Цардоон, カルドン, Cardon, Kardonenartischocke, Kardon, Cardo, Кардун, Kardoni

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Artichoke hearts, Celery, Salsify



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