Cacio Di Fossa


A hard, sharp cheese made from sheep's milk, similar to Pecorino. Hailed as the "Millenium Cheese" of Italy. During the wars between Charles VIII of France and Ferdinand of Naples the citizens of Sogliano al Rubicone would hide their cheese in underground pits (or fossas). The name is translated as "cheese of the pit". The cheese was put into tightly wrapped burlap sacks with the owner's name written upon it before it was put into a fossa. During this aging they go through an entire re-fermentation and lose all of their whey. It was harvested in November (the 16th) during the holiday of Santa Caterina. People either kept it to themselves or sold it at the festivities.It is an intense table cheese and is recommend to be paired with Brunello di Monticello wine. It is also well paired with fresh fruits and honey.


Translations: Cacioはディフォッサ, Cacio Di Fosa, Cacio دي فوسا, Cacio Di Фосса, Cacio di fossa, Cacio Di Foosa, Cacio Di fosa, Di Cacio Fossa, Cacio די פוסה, Cacio di Fossa, Cacio 디 포사, Di Cacio Fossa, Cacio Di खात, Cacio Di Фосса, Cacio Di fosa, Cácio Di Fossa, 卡西奥地窝, Цацио ди фоса, Eficàcia Di fossa, Cacio Ди Фууса

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Pecorino



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