Arikara Squash


An heirloom variety of squash. Fruits weigh from four to eleven lbs. The shape of the fruit can be tear-drop or round, and they are colored in a mottled orange and green pattern. It is desired both for its eating qualities and as a seasonal decoration. This variety traces its ancestry to the Arikara tribe of the Dakotas among whom its cultivation predates white settlement.


Translations: Arikara Skvošs, アリカーラスカッシュ, Arikara Skvošo, Arikara الاسكواش, Arikara 스쿼시, Arikara סקווש, Арикара Сквош, Arikara स्क्वैश, Arikara squash, Арікара Сквош, 阿里卡拉壁球, Арикара Сквош, Arikara esquaix, Arikara скуош

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