Black Muscat Grapes- عنب اسود


The muscat family of grapes of the species Vitis vinifera is widely grown for wine, raisins and table grapes. Their color ranges from white to near black. Muscat almost always has a pronounced sweet floral aroma. Muscat grapes are grown around the world in Cyprus, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Israel, France, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Australia, California, Oregon, Canada, Italy, Albania, Turkey, Slovenia, and other places. The breadth and number of varieties of muscat suggest that it is perhaps the oldest domesticated grape variety, and there are theories that most families within the Vitis vinifera grape family are descended from the Muscat family.[1] Indeed, scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have analyzed pots from King Midas's burial mound and determined that Muscat grapes were a key component of the alcoholic beverage served at his funeral feast


Translations: Black Muscat Vīnogas, Black Muscat Vynuogės, Negru Muscat Struguri, Black Muscat grožđa, Black Muscat Nho, Black winogron Muscat, Black Muscat Druiven, काले अंगूर मस्कट, Muscat uvas pretas, Виноград черный Мускат, Μαύρα σταφύλια Muscat, العنب الأسود مسقط, 블랙 무스 카트 포도, Černá Muscat Hrozny, Грожђе црне Мускат, Black Muscat ubas, 黑葡萄马斯喀特, Raïms Moscatell Negre, Black Muscat Grozdje, Čierna Muscat Hrozno, Uva Moscato Nero, שחור ענבי מוסקט, Black Muscat Vindruvor, Black Muscat Anggur, ブラックマスカットブドウ, Raisin muscat noir, Black Muscat Trauben, Black Muscat Druer, Svart Muscat Druer, Uvas Moscatel Negro, Виноград чорний Мускат, Black Muscat Viinirypäleet, Черно Мускат Грозде



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