Black Cumin


A culinary spice in Northern India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Iran. Smaller in size than regular cumin seeds. Also known as Nigella Sativa.

It is known to have a pungent and bitter taste used in confections, liquors, and as topping.

They can be used to make tea by pouring hot water over 1 tablespoon of seeds for 10 minutes. It can also be used in breads, casseroles, or canning. When ground they can be mixed with honey or added to salad dressings.


Other names: Black Cumin Seed, Black Sesame, Nigella Sativa, Roman Coriander, Black Caraway, Shahi Jeera, Black Onion Seed, शाही जीरा, నల్ల జీలకర్ర, Kalonji
Translations: Black ķimeņu, Juodosios kmynų, Negru chimion, Crni kumin, Black cumin, Czarnuszka, Zwarte komijn, काला जीरा, Черный тмин, Black κυμίνου, الكمون الأسود, 블랙 향식료 어딨지, Černá Kmín, Itim kumin, 黑孜然, Comino Negre, Black Kumina, Čierna Rasca, Cumino nero, כמון שחור, Svart Kummin, Црни кумин, ブラッククミン, Schwarzkümmelöl, Black Spidskommen, Svart Spisskummen, Comino Negro, Чорний кмин, Musta kumina, Черен кимион

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Cumin seed



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