Bobal Grapes


A dark-skinned grape that produces deeply-colored red wines and grape concentrate. Bobal grapes are primarily grown in the Utiel-Requena region of Valencia, Spain. The flavor is described as pleasantly acidic, though the quality is debated.


Translations: Bobal Vīnogas, Bobal Vynuogės, Struguri Bobal, Grožđe Bobal, Bobal Nho, Bobal Winogrona, Bobal Druiven, Bobal अंगूर, Uvas Bobal, Бобал виноград, Bobal Σταφύλια, Bobal العنب, Bobal 포도나무, Bobal bobulí, Бобал грожђа, Bobal mga ubas, 博尔葡萄, Els raïms Boval, Bobal Grozdje, Bobal bobúľ, Uve Bobal, Bobal ענבי, Bobal Vindruvor, Bobal Anggur, ボーバルブドウ, Cépages Bobal, Bobal Trauben, Bobal Druer, Bobal Druer, Las uvas Bobal, Бобал виноград, Bobal Viinirypäleet, Bobal Грозде



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