Champagne Grapes


Champagne grapes are seedless grapes that provide sweet flavor for salads, appetizers or as a snack with cheese. The dried ones known as currants are used in baking cookies and sweets.


Other names: Black Corinth and Zante Grapes
Translations: Champagne Vīnogas, Šampanas Vynuogės, Champagne Struguri, Champagne Grožđe, Champagne Nho, Winogrona Champagne, Champagne Druiven, शैम्पेन अंगूर, Uvas Champagne, Шампанское виноград, Σαμπάνια Σταφύλια, العنب الشمبانيا, 샴페인의 포도나무, Champagne Vinná réva, Champagne Anggur, Champagne mga ubas, 香槟葡萄, Champagne Raïms, Champagne Grozdje, Champagne Vínna réva, Champagne Uvaggio, שמפניה ענבי, Champagne Druvor, Грожђе шампањац, シャンパーニュブドウ, Raisins de Champagne, Champagne Trauben, Champagne Druer, Champagne Druer, Champagne Uvas, Шампанське виноград, Champagne Viinirypäleet, Champagne Грозде

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Muscat grapes, Flame seedless grapes, Thompson seedless grapes

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