Russet Burbank Potato


Russet Burbank Potato also known as Idaho Russet is mostly found in the northwestern states of USA and in Canada and is well-known for excellent baking and processing quality.


Other names: Idaho Russet
Translations: Rūsgans Burbank Kartupeļu, Russet Burbank Bulvės, Russet Burbank de cartofi, Crvenka Burbank Krumpir, Russet Burbank khoai tây, Russet Burbank ziemniaczana, Russet Burbank Aardappel, लाल सा Burbank आलू, Batata Russet Burbank, Рассет Бербанк картофеля, Russet Burbank πατάτας, راسيت بيربانك بطاطس, 적갈색, 버뱅크 감자, Burbank červenohnědé brambory, Црвенкасто смеђ Бурбанк кромпир, Pulang kayumanggi Burbank patatas, 赤褐色伯班克马铃薯, Russet Burbank Papa, Crvenka Burbank Potato, Burbank červenohnedé zemiaky, Russet Burbank patate, חום אדמדם Burbank תפו&א, Kentang Russet Burbank, あずきバーバンクポテト, Pommes de terre Russet Burbank, Russet Burbank Kartoffel, Russet Burbank Kartoffel, Russet Burbank Papa, Рассет Бербанк картоплі, Russet Burbank Peruna, Шаяк Бърбанк картофите

Physical Description

A large brown skinned variety of potato. It has a relativley high sugar content and clean white flesh.

Colors: brown skin with white flesh

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Quite sweet
Mouthfeel: Crisp, Jiucy
Food complements: Tomato sauce
Wine complements: Red wine
Beverage complements: Beer

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: The potatoes should be fairly large. The skin should be a russet brown and should not be damaged by lots of imperfections.
Buying: Available in many superstores throughout the USA and Europe as well as in a wide number of groccers.
Procuring: Grown predominently in Idaho in the USA.

Preparation and Use

The skin should be gently scrubbed to remoce excess dirt. The potato may be halved or peeled before use.

Cleaning: The potato should be gently rubbed to remove excess dirt.

Conserving and Storing

They should be stored in a cool dry place. Additionally they should be stored in the dark to prevent accidental germination.


The potato is the most commonly grown variety in Idaho.

History: The potato was developed in the 1870's in Lunenburg.



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