Candor Peach


The peach is the most adaptable of all fruit trees for home gardens. When planting, they should be spaced to allow a spread of 20 to 25 feet. At 3 or 4 years of age they begin to bear large crops and reach peak productivity at 8 to 12 years. Peaches need clear, hot weather during their growing season and require well-drained soil as well as a regular fertilizing program. They also require heavier pruning than any other fruit trees to maintain size and encourage new growth. Most peach varieties are self fertile, not requiring a second tree. Cannot tolerate extreme winter cold or late frost. Peach leaf curl, brown rot, peach scab and peach tree borer can be a problem.


Translations: Vaļsirdība persiku, Candor persikų, Francheţe Peach, Iskrenost breskva, Thẳng thắn Peach, Szczerość Peach, स्पष्टवादिता पीच, Кандор Пич, Ευθύτητα Ροδάκινο, الصراحة الخوخ., 공평 무사 복숭아, Upřímnost Peach, Keterusterangan Peach, Pagkaprangko Peach, 坎德桃, Poštenost Peach, Úprimnosť Peach, Candore Peach, כנות אפרסק, Uppriktighet Peach, Искреност брескве, キャンダーピーチ, Oprigtighed Peach, Кандор Піч, Vilpittömyys Peach, Candor Праскова



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