Bountiful Green Bean


A flavorful variety of green bean. It is excellent for freezing and canning and has a long shelf life after picking.


Translations: Gausūs Green Bean, Bountiful fasole verde, Bogatoga Green Bean, Szczodry Green Bean, Overflod Green Bean, Abundância Green Bean, Богатые Green Bean, الوفيرة فاصوليا خضراء, 아름다운 녹색 콩, Bountiful Zelená Bean, Bountiful Kacang Hijau, Mapagbigay Green Bean, 丰富绿豆, Abundancia Green Bean, Bountiful Zelená Bean, Bountiful Fagiolino, באונטיפול שעועית ירוקה, Обилан Зелена Бин, 豊かな緑の豆, Bountiful de haricots verts, यथेष्ट ग्रीन बीन, Abundància Green Bean, Багаті Green Bean, Runsaudenmaa Vihreä papu, Bountiful зелен боб



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