Calabash Gourd


The Calabash Gourd is a summer squash which is often used for stir-fry in Asian cuisines, while the seeds are used in desserts and sweets.


Translations: Calabash Lielaugļu ķirbji, Calabash Moliūgas, Calabash Dovleac, Lô loại để đựng rượu, Tykwa Dynia, Calabash Pompoen, हुक़्क़ुम लौकी, Cabaça cabaça, Тыква кальян, Calabash Κολοκύθα, Calabash قرع, 호리병박 조롱박, Zkažené setá, Тиквицу тиква, Kalabas gurd, 葫芦葫芦, Zapallo Carbassa, Navadna Calabash, Skazené siata, Calabash zucca, Calabash דלעת, Kalebass Gourd, Labu Labu, カラバッシュガード, Calebasse Gourd, Kalebasse, Calabash Centnergræskar, Calabash gourd, Zapallo Calabaza, Гарбуз кальян, Calabash Jättikurpitsa, Calabash Кратунка



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