Catalogna Lettuce


The tender, dandelion-like greens taste great in salads. The seed stalks have a tasty, asparagus like flavor when cooked.


Other names: Lactuca Sativa, Country Lettuce
Translations: Catalogna salāti, Catalogna Salotos, Salată Catalogna, Catalogna salata, Rau diếp Catalogna, Catalogna Sałata, Sla Catalogna, Catalogna लेटिष, Catalogna Alface, Catalogna Салаты, Catalogna Μαρούλι, كاتالونيا خس, Catalogna 상추, Catalogna Salát, Catalogna Selada, Catalogna litsugas, 加泰罗尼亚生菜, Catalogna Enciam, Catalogna Solata, CATALOGNE Šalát, Catalogna Lattuga, Catalogna חסה, Catalogna Sallat, Цаталогна Зелена салата, Catalognaレタス, Catalogna laitue, Catalogna Kopfsalat, Catalogna Salat, Catalogna Salat, Catalogna Lechuga, Catalogna Салати, Catalogna Salaatit, Catalogna маруля

Physical Description

Catalogna Leaf Lettuce has a tall green head with long indented leaves white stems and serrated green leaves similar to those of Chicory Catalogna - Can be grown for cutting or head. Weedy-looking and a lettuce for all seasons, vigorous catalogna is a loose-leaf variety. The plants can grow eighteen inches tall but young leaves offer the best gentle spicy flavor.

Colors: light green, dark green.

Tasting Notes

Flavors: sweet, buttery
Mouthfeel: Crisp, Tender
Food complements: Salads, Wraps
Wine complements: All wines
Beverage complements: Lemon/limeade
Substitutes: Country lettuce, Catalogna de galatina

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: april, may, june, july, august
Peak: may, june, july
Choosing: Look for catalogna lettuce with long young green fresh leaves, be sure to avoid any that look bruised or wilted.
Buying: You can purchase online, at your local grocery store or local farmers market.

Preparation and Use

Use fresh and raw in salads or gently braise or sauté greens lightly seasoned with garlic in olive oil. Prepare and cook stalks like asparagus.

Cleaning: Rinse thoroughly with cool running water prior to use.

Conserving and Storing

Store in air tight container in refrigerator for 3-5 days.


For centuries in Europe, the chicory family has been favored for salads, making coffee and for mesclun, pronounced MESS-klunn, fresh green mixes.



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