Caboc Cheese


Caboc is a Scottish cream cheese, made with double cream or cream-enriched milk. It's a rennet-free cheese that is formed into logs, then rolled in toasted pinhead oatmeal. It has a smooth texture, and is slightly thicker and grainier than clotted cream. With a high fat content it is comparable to mascarpone. It is often served with dry toast or oatcakes.


Translations: Caboc Siers, Caboc Sūriai, Caboc Brânză, Caboc sira, Caboc Kaas, Caboc पनीर, Caboc Queijo, Caboc сыра, Caboc Τυρί, قرية كابوكو الجبن, Caboc 치즈, Caboc Sýry, Caboc Keju, Caboc奶酪, Caboc Formatge, Caboc Sir, Caboc Syry, Caboc Formaggio, Caboc גבינה, Caboc Ost, Цабоц сир, Cabocチーズ, Caboc fromage, Caboc Queso, Caboc сиру, Caboc Juusto, Caboc сирене



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