Annatto Flower


Annatto or achiotte, (bixa orellana L.) is a plant is grown mostly in South America and Brazil is the main producer and exporter. Known here as urucum or colorau the seeds are used as a natural red food coloring in the food industry, comestics (lipsticks) and also in the Brazilian cuisine. The color result is similar to paprika, and it does not alter the flavor of the food. Also, Brazilian indians and other Latin-American indians use the seeds to make body paint.


Other names: Anatto Or Achiotte, (Bixa Orellana L.), Urucum, Colorau
Translations: Annato Flower, Anatas Gėlės, Annatto flori, Annatto hoa, Annato Flower, एन्नाट्टो पुष्प, Urucum Flor, Аннатто цветов, Annatto λουλούδι, Annatto زهرة, Annatto 꽃, Annatto Květina, Annatto Bunga, 安纳托花, Achiote Flor, Anata Flower, Annatto Květina, Annatto Fiore, Annatto פרח, Annatto blomma, Аннатто цвет, アナット花, Fleur de rocou, Achiote Flor, Аннатто квітів, Annatto Kukka, Анато цветя



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