Boschetto Al Tartufo


An Italian semi-soft cheese made from cows' and sheeps' milk. It is combined with truffles and aged for a few months. The cheese and truffles complement each other. The mixture of a sweet, pleasantly briny cheese, with a garlicky, foresty truffle is perfect. Neither overpowers the other. It is produced in 1.3 pound rounds.


Translations: Boschetto Al Ταρτούφο, Boschetto Tartufo الله, Boschetto Al TARTUF, Tartufo Al Boschetto, Boschetto Tartufo Al, Boschettoアル食用キノコ, Boschetto 알 Tartufo, Boschetto al Tartufo, Al Boschetto Tartufo, Boschetto אל Tartufo, Boschetto Аль Тартуфо, Boschetto अल Tartufo, Al Boschetto Tartufo, Boschetto Аль Тартуфо, 博斯凯托铝Tartufo, Босцхетто Ал Тартуфо, Al Boschetto Tartufo, Boschetto Ал Tartufo



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