Threonine Amino Acid


Threonine amino acid is an essential amino acid that must be absorbed in the body through food or dietary supplements. Foods that have threonine include cottage cheese, poultry, fish, meat, lentils, and sesame seeds.


Translations: Treonīns Amino Acid, Treoninas aminorūgšties, Treonină aminoacizi, Treonin Aminokiselinska, Amino Acid Threonine, Treoniny aminokwasów, Threonine Aminozuur, Threonine एमिनो एसिड, Aminoácidos Treonina, Треонин Аминокислоты, Θρεονίνη Αμινοξύ, ثريونين الأحماض الأمينية, Threonine 아미노산, Threonin aminokyselin, Treonin Asam Amino, Threonine Amino acid, 苏氨酸氨基酸, Treonina de Aminoàcids, Treonin Amino Acid, Treonín aminokyselín, Treonina amminoacido, תראונין חומצת אמינו, Treonin Amino Acid, Треонин амино киселина, スレオニンアミノ酸, Thréonine d'acide aminé, Threonin Amino Acid, Treonin Amino Acid, Treonina de Aminoácidos, Треонін Амінокислоти, Treoniini Aminohappo, Треонин амино киселина



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