Carrageen Moss


Distributed along the western coasts of the British Isles and in Northern New England in North America. It is a type of red algae that has a high freezing tolerance. It is sold dried to be mixed into a drink to prevent colds but can also be used in cooking.


Other names: Mastocarpus Stellatus
Translations: キャラギーンモス, Perlinės Mochov Moss, عشب بحري موس, Írsky mach Moss, Carragenina Moss, Carragheen Moss, Carrageen 모스, Irský mech Moss, Carragene Moss, Karagenu Moss, Карраджин Мосс, Carragenina Moss, Carrageen מוס, Карраджін Мосс, 卡拉胶莫斯, Царрагеен Мос, Carragenina Moss, Carrageen Мос



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