Cashew Milk


Cashew milk is a dairy free gluten free alternative to milk. It is made from raw cashews that have been soaked over night. Once they have been soaked over night you will want to rinse them till the water runs clear. You will then want to place the cashews with 4 cups of fresh water and a pinch of salt to a very powerful liquifying blender. Once you have them blended they should be the consistency of 2%% milk.


Translations: Indijas Piens, Anakardžio Pienas, Lapte de cajou, Cashew mlijeka, Điều sữa, Mleka nerkowca, Cashew Melk, काजू दूध, Leite caju, Кешью молока, Ανακαρδιοειδών Γάλα, الكاجو الحليب, 캐슈 밀크, Kešu mléko, Jambu Susu, Keshew Milk, 腰果奶, Anacards Llet, Indijski Mleko, Kešu mlieko, Latte di acagiù, חלב קשיו, Cashewnötter Mjölk, Кажу млека, カシューミルク, Lait de cajou, Cashew Milch, Cashew Mælk, Anacardos Leche, Кешью молока, Cashew maito, Кашу Мляко



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