American Summer Pearmain Apple


This apple was first described in 1817 and was grown throughout the South on a variety of soils. It is popular for fresh eating and also dries quite well. Fruit is medium or larger in size, greenish-yellow with some red stripes, and oblong in shape. Its flesh is juicy, crisp, aromatic, and mildly subacid. Ripens from July to August.


Translations: Amerikos vasaros Papierówka Apple, American de vară Pearmain Apple, Mùa hè Mỹ Pearmain Apple, Apple papierówka American Summer, अमेरिकी ग्रीष्मकालीन Pearmain एप्पल, Apple Pearmain American Summer, Американская Apple Пирмейн летних, American Apple Pearmain Καλοκαίρι, أبل الأمريكية الصيف Pearmain, 미국 여름 Pearmain 애플, Americký Letní Pearmain Apple, Summer Amerika Pearmain Apple, 美国苹果夏季皮尔曼, American Summer Apple Pearmain, Americký Letné Pearmain Apple, American Summer Apple Pearmain, קיץ אמריקאי Pearmain אפל, Амерички Лето Пеармаин јабука, アメリカンサマーペアメンアップル, American Apple Pearmain été, American Summer Apple Pearmain, Американська Apple Пірмейн літніх, Американски Apple Лято Pearmain

Physical Description


Colors: Yellow-green; flushed/streaked red w/red or purple-red

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: august, september
Peak: august



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