An Italian cheese made from cows' milk. It can be found at different stages or seasoning and aging, but it's known to be the best at the beginning of winter. This is when it is the most aromatic (which is foresty and mountainlike). The cows that the milk comes from spend the summer feeding on herbs and this causes the good winter harvest. Carnia has a mild and delicate flavor when young, it has a tangier flavor when further aged. The rind is yellowish and has a robust flavor. The cheese is round and straw colored. It is usually 30 cm in diameter, 8 cm tall, and weighs from 6-6.5 kg. It's produced in the province of Belluno in Veneto.


Other names: Formaggio Carnia Di Malga
Translations: 卡尼亚, カーニア, Карния, Карні, Царниа



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