Black Walnut


A type of walnut native to North America. The meat of the nut has a distinct rustic flavor and good crunch. It is often used commercially in ice cream, baking, and confections. It is high in protein, unsaturated fat, and contains no cholesterol. Nutritionally, it is similar to the milder-tasting English walnut.


Other names: American Walnut, Juglans Nigra
Translations: Μαύρη Καρυδιά, أسود الجوزة, Čierny orech, クログルミ, Crni orah, Černý ořech, Noce Nero, אגוז שחור, Черный орех, 블랙 월넛, काले Walnut, Noguera Negre, Чорний горіх, 黑核桃, Црни орах, Nogal Negro, Черен орех

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: English walnut



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