Arkansas Black Apple


The fruit, a variety of Winesap apple, is usually round and of medium size. The flesh is yellow, fine grained, crisp, juicy, and aromatic, while the skin is dark red to black, hence its name. It ripens in October or November, and the fruit keeps well though the storage season of two to four months.


Translations: Αρκάνσας Μαύρο Apple, Arkanzasas Black Apple, أركنساس أبل الأسود, Arkansas Čierna Apple, Arkansas Apple Black, Arkansas negru Apple, 아칸소 블랙 애플, Arkansas Černá Apple, Arkansas Apple Black, ארקנסו שחור אפל, Арканзас Црна јабука, アーカンソーブラックアップル, अर्कांसस काले एप्पल, Arkansas Negro de Apple, Арканзас Чорного Apple, 阿肯色黑色苹果, Арканзас Черного Apple, Arkansas Negre d'Apple, Арканзас Черно Apple



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