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Food history is such an important part of story telling. We'll talk about that again and again at the conference - what is your story? Fortunately for us, this Friday night at the TASTE OF SACRAMENTO CULINARY FAIR, we are being joined by Jimboy's Tacos - a Sacramento original! They're parking the truck close by and delivering fresh, authentic Mexican SoCal food to us. THANK YOU, Jimboy's! Read their beautiful story here.....

A Sacramento tradition for over 62 years, Jimboy’s Tacos debuted in a small trailer on Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe, California in 1954. Founded by Jim “Jimboy” Knudson, it started with Jim’s recipe for his signature flagrantly spiced ground beef taco, encased inside a grilled stone ground corn tortilla with some crisp lettuce and freshly shredded cheese, and dusted with a liberal coating of grated parmesan cheese.


Knudson was a pioneer in many respects - it’s hard to believe now, but when Jim first began selling his tacos from a trailer in the mid 1950’s, not many had ever heard of the “taco.”  In fact, Jim had to spell it out phonetically on the trailer so people could pronounce it.  In addition, there weren’t many people using food trucks at that time to sell food, and that proved to be a novelty for customers as well.
After a few years, traffic began to pick up, fueled in large part by positive word of mouth from locals in the area.  In the spring of 1958, Joe King, owner of King’s Beach and a huge fan of Jimboy’s Tacos, built a small building on North Tahoe Boulevard for the sole purpose of giving Jimboy’s a more permanent home.
Celebrities performing in the famous CalNeva Lodge in Tahoe, including members of the famous “Rat Pack,” Dean Martin, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford, began hearing about Jimboy’s Tacos and making trips to the storefront.  All three stars from “Bonanza” - Lorne Greene, Dan Blocker and Michael Landon, were also fans of Jimboy’s Tacos.  In fact, they would often send someone to order tacos for the cast and crew when they were filming in the area.  Countless other stars of the 60’s and 70’s began discovering Jimboy’s Tacos at the same time.


In 1969, Knudson’s pioneering spirit kicked in again.  At a time when not many restaurants had not yet begun franchising, Knudson franchised Jimboy’s Tacos in the Sacramento area.  The Jimboy’s Tacos phenomenon has since grown to over 40 locations throughout California, Nevada and Texas.
Jimboy’s Tacos has built a large and loyal following of fans because the commitment to using fresh, quality ingredients has never changed.  From the very beginning, Jimboy’s Tacos focused on freshness and quality, using only fresh, premium ingredients, preparing food from scratch daily, and cooking in small batches to ensure freshness. Since 1954, that fresh quality food philosophy has never changed.  
Be sure to visit Jimboy’s Tacos at the Taste of Sacramento Culinary Fair and sample The Original American Taco - Jimboy’s Ground Beef Taco.


Carla Borsoi is VP of marketing at Nima, where she connects with people interested in food transparency across digital and social platforms and face-to-face. She joined Nima because she fundamentally believes people deserve to trust their food. For more than 20 years, she has worked across marketing, consumer insights, analytics and community roles for large consumer brands, like AOL and, as well as nascent companies in specialized markets - from new parents to hedge funds and baby boomers. In her spare time, she runs a cocktail club, works with stealth startups and advises nonprofit Salon97. She believes meals shared and a well-crafted cocktail can save your soul. Founded in 2013, Nima is creating greater food transparency that enables consumers to make better health decisions. Carla earned an A.B.H. in Spanish/theater and an M.B.A. from Rollins College.

Carla will be co-hosting the Tech session Questions the FoodTech Industry is Asking and How Bloggers Can Answer on Saturday.

Matt Byrne was raised on his family’s ranch rooted deep in tradition and history, the Pitchfork Ranch then attended college at Santa Clara University where he double majored in business and computer science. In 2011 he founded SunFed Ranch with co-founding rancher, Chris Donati.
Their 150 combined years of family history and knowledge on raising beef, coupled with their passion for sustainable, humanely and high quality delicious grass fed beef has led the duo to being one of the leading natural and organic grass fed beef producers in the Western United States. In addition to ground beef and cut steaks, SunFed Ranch has also developing a line of value added items, like convenient grass fed beef skillet meals and artisanal uncured deli meats that recently hit stores.
In addition to acting as co-founder and President of SunFed Ranch, Matt regularly is out on the ranches helping his family with the cattle side and at the other ranches SunFed Ranch raises cattle on.
The main office is based out of Woodland and our beef and value added items are currently sold in retail stores and restaurants throughout California, Washington and Oregon.

Byrne Family History:

The Pitchfork Ranch, headquartered in Modoc County, has been operated by members of the Byrne family since they arrived as some of the area’s first emigrants in the 1860s. Since that time, five generations have survived wars, depressions, droughts and floods, along with the ups and downs of cattle market. Through all this time, the bounty of California’s native rangelands and the family’s commitment to traditional ranching methods have sustained the land, the grass and the family.

Today, cows still outnumber people in the area and the ranch is managed by Mike Byrne, with help from wife Bev, son Matt and daughter Brianna.

Cows and calves on the ranch are closely managed during the high desert summer as they rotationally graze private meadows along with publically owned sagebrush and juniper country where solar-powered wells deliver water to cattle and wildlife. In the winter, many of the cows are moved out of the high country snow to have their calves in the green hills of the northern Sacramento Valley before returning to follow the natural grassland cycle.

These conservation-minded management practices help eliminate invasive plant species to improve water quality and quantity and support improved habitat and forage for cattle and a number of other native species, including sage grouse, deer and antelope. The family also continues to develop additional conservation partnerships with federal land managers and private conservation groups to improve biodiversity and habitat for migrating waterfowl and other species.

The ranch has been recognized for conservation leadership as a recipient of the national Excellence in Conservation award from the National Resources Conservation Service in 2004 and the California Section Excellence in Range Management award from the Society for Range Management in 1998.

The family philosophy of raising cattle in balance with the land and what it produces led to development of a natural and hormone free herd many years ago and the more recent certification for humane animal handling. Continuing in that tradition, Matt began the process to introduce organic production to the ranch. The Byrne family is proud of the long tradition of excellence built over more than 150 years and is committed to upholding these traditions for the next generations as they continue to grow beef for other California families to enjoy.


Matt will be co-hosting the Farm to Fork Panel: Farmer, Rancher, Grocer Chef session on Saturday.

Grown on small family farms, California Cling Peaches are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness and packed just miles away from the orchard with 24 hours of harvest. This means flavor, vitamins and nutrients are all locked in – making for a better tasting and more nutritious peach!

California Cling Peaches make cooking and baking a breeze. All of the work is done for you! Perfectly ripened, California sun-kissed peaches have been washed, peeled, pitted, cut, cooked and preserved to be used when you need them. Think about how much time you can save the next time you want to whip up a homemade peach crumble! And the best part of canned peaches? Consistency. You always know you’ll get the best of the best when you open up a can of California Cling Peaches.

Be sure to visit the California Cling Peach Board at the Opening Reception and the Taste of Sacramento Culinary Fair to sample California Peach Caprese Salad (recipe below) and to enter to win an Anthropologie Kitchen Gift Basket ($100 value).

California Cling Peach Caprese Salad

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Serves: 4

2 cans (15 oz. each) California Cling Peach Halves or Slices
8 oz. fresh mozzarella, sliced into 8 slices
8 to 16 large fresh basil leaves
1 tsp. olive oil
Sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper, to taste

1.    Drain peaches.
2.    Slice whole peaches, by placing peach halves cut-side-down on a cutting board.  Place your hand gently on top of peach and cut across horizontally.  Cut small peach halves into 2 slices, and large peach halves into 3 slices.
3.    Arrange peach slices, mozzarella slices and basil leaves alternately on four individual salad plates.
4.    Top each salad with a drizzle of olive oil and a light sprinkling of salt and pepper.

“Tutto e possibile” — The belief that “anything is possible” connected the two passionate, thirty-something founders of HOT ITALIAN—one from an Italian-American family of artists and the other, an artistic pizzaiolo from the Italian Riviera.

Andrea Lepore’s and Fabrizio Cercatore’s mission was to build a place where pizza brings people together to celebrate Italy’s new generation of art, music, design, sport, food and wine.

By combining these elements with California’s urban lifestyle, seasonal, quality ingredients, and a conscious commitment to our environment and community, HOT ITALIAN hopes to inspire, make a difference, and create better neighborhoods.

Sustainability is seamlessly integrated throughout all aspects of HOT ITALIAN, from our buildings, our kitchens, our furniture, our apparel, our menus, our napkins, to the pizza in your box and on your plate, and even after, and that's why we are THRILLED to have them at IFBC 2016! Thank you, Hot Italian! Here, a short interview

1. In one sentence, describe your ethos or goal with HOT ITALIAN.
HOT ITALIAN brings people together to celebrate modern Italy’s food, wine, art, music and sport in the urban California lifestyle.

2. You are in farm country - do you have a favorite veg or fruit that you wait for all year?
As the first REAL Certified pizzeria in the nation, seasonal ingredients and local purveyors are the core of our menu. One of our favorites are the Heirloom tomatoes from Yeung Farm in Yolo County, used on our Caprese salad and Borriello pizza with burrata, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

3. What inspires you, as a PIZZAIOLO?
Pizza as Art. The colors, the flavor combinations, finding out what works and what doesn’t and putting all these pieces together and seeing the final product as a work of art. But the real inspiration is the reward in seeing the joy on the guests’ face as the pizza arrives. I look to create moments for the guests, bringing family, friends and strangers together. It’s what keeps me motivated and passionate about what I do, continually looking for inspiration in my surroundings and experiences to share with everyone.

4. How has technology shaped your business?
We continue to integrate the latest energy-efficient technology throughout our restaurants to lower our carbon footprint as a business, leading to our Green Business Award and Silver LEED certification. A few examples of this would be LED track lighting throughout the restaurant, low flow faucets, Solatubes which allow natural sunlight in during the day, the Big Ass Fan modeled after airplane propellers moving air swiftly and efficiently, and the Earth Tub composter shared by multiple restaurant in Sacramento and distributed to local farms and community gardens.

5. What are you serving at IFBC?
MUTI (VEGAN) seasonal vegetables, arugula, tomato sauce
BASSO artichoke hears, castelvetrano olives, housemade basil pesto, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, tomato sauce
BORTOLAMI housemade fennel sausage, radicchio, scamorza, mushrooms, tomato sauce, mozzarella
Traditional and Gluten Free crust available.

6. If you could talk to all of our bloggers individually, what would you want them to know about food, technology, your biz?
Our attention to detail is extremely thorough from our organic, no-GMO crust to our locally sourced gelato, hand picked music tracks from Italian music producers and local DJ’s, fresh local produce, furniture from Italy and California and imported Italian meats and cheeses.



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