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Davidson’s Safest Choice® is thrilled to be back at IFBC for their third year in a row! This year we will be serving up Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles during Saturday evening’s Culinary Fair.

Emily of the Sugar Plum Blog offers this great recipe using Safest Choice™ eggs. “There are so many different recipes out there for truffles, I knew there had to be some recipes for chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. And there are. But I didn't make any of them; I made my own,” says Emily. You’ll love her recipe for safe truffles using raw chocolate chip cookie dough!

Why use Safest Choice™ Eggs in this recipe? If your mom ever said to you “don’t lick the spoon” when you’re making chocolate chip cookie dough, let her know this recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough truffles is safe from Salmonella!

Davidson's Safest Choice Eggs are pasteurized, so they taste great and are safe for all your favorite egg dishes! The Safest Choice™ eggs are pasteurized in an all-natural, gentle water bath to eliminates the risk of Salmonella in eggs without changing the nutrition or flavor. Now you can safely enjoy your favorite styles and recipes such as HollandaiseCaesar salad dressing and other sauces—and sunny side up, poached or soft scrambled eggs.

Taste Safest Choice and you’ll discover that our pasteurized eggs look, cook, and taste like other eggs. In fact, Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs have earned the Seal of Approval for exceptional flavor and culinary performance from the nation’s largest organization of professional chefs, the American Culinary Federation (ACF). Find Safest Choice in a store near you and sign up for monthly emails that include recipe ideas and coupons here. Also, make sure to connect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!


Founded in 1814, WÜSTHOF is a 7th generation, family-owned and managed company with a rich heritage crafting superior quality knives. All WÜSTHOF knives are made in the company’s headquarters in Solingen, Germany, the “city of blades” that is known for maintaining the highest standards for cutlery craftsmanship.


WÜSTHOF’s precision-forged, full-tang cutlery collections, such as new LEGENDE, new X-LINE, best-selling CLASSIC, CLASSIC IKON, GRAND PRIX II, and EPICURE, feature the company’s exclusive Precision Edge Technology (PEtec). This patented advancement increases blade sharpness to 14 degrees per side for a total of 28 degrees (10 per side on Asian-style blades for a total of 20 degrees), and increases edge retention for twice as long.

GOURMET, WÜSTHOF’s popular laser-stamped collection, features a wide assortment of well-crafted knives at moderate prices. All GOURMET knives that are 4-inches in length and longer are full-tang.
New for this year, and originally created for commercial kitchens, the PRO series offers highly affordable, top performing stamped cutlery with high-carbon, stain-free steel blades and unique, ergonomically shaped, soft-poly handles.

Offered exclusively at Williams-Sonoma, new LEGENDE combines beauty with brawn in  a precision-forged, full-tang knife collection distinguished by its svelte and curved, pebble-textured black handle, which lightens the look of pro-style knives without compromising on performance. Available this month at stores nationwide, X-LINE, designed by award-winning industrial designer Nick Thompkins, features slightly oversized blades, and a dynamic “X” design at the crossroads of the blade and modern, squared-off handle.

Also new this year are several sets and items in CLASSIC and CLASSIC IKON, such as the 2-Piece Extra Wide Chef Set (available in both collections), the CLASSIC 4.5-inch Artisan Knife and Board Set, the CLASSIC 6-inch Hollow Edge Curved Boning Knife, the CLASSIC 3.5-inch Clip-Point Paring Knife and the CLASSIC IKON 6-inch Salad Knife.

Be sure to visit WÜSTHOF’s newly redesigned website, to learn all there is to know about quality knives and knife skills. The well-designed site makes it ease to explore and determine which knives are best suited for your needs and cooking style. In the Knife Skills Academy section, enjoy more than a dozen expert, tutorial videos featuring the brand’s Executive Chef Michael Garaghty. The web site also salutes nine talented and acclaimed Defining the Edgë chefs and culinary experts from around the country with inspiring videos about their craft, their cooking techniques, and recipes.

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Join us for a rare behind-the-scenes visit to the Teavana Tea Room at Starbucks Headquarters in Seattle. At the Discover the World of Tea excursion, you’ll be immersed in the sensory experience of Teavana tea.
You’ll begin with a traditional tea cupping of our favorite pure teas led by our master teaologist, followed by a tasting of a carefully selected assortment of our innovative seasonal blends – including a first taste of a brand new, not-yet-released blend. You’ll also learn how to select the perfect tea for any occasion and brew it to perfection at home.

And the best part? We’ll send you home with everything you need to start your own #TeavanaLife tea ritual.

At Teavana, we’re passionate about all things tea and each step in the process – from how we source our high-quality tea and ingredients, to how we create great-tasting epicurean blends. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon! REGISTER HERE

Teavana selects the finest hand-picked buds and whole tea leaves and crafts epicurean blends using the finest fruits and botanicals.

The return of a seasonal favorite

Discover the secret to making perfectly frothed Matcha


As a local Seattle-based company Chef’n, who specializes in creating kitchen tools and unique gadgets, is so excited to welcome the International Food Bloggers Conference back to its hometown!

We invite you to join us on our pre-conference excursion for an exclusive look at our brand, with our founder, Chief Innovation Officer, and Famous Inventor David Holcomb! Attendees will be treated to a unique experience, bursting with local Seattle flair including an exclusive tour of our headquarters, test kitchen and design studio. Your experience at our innovative space will also include a light lunch and cocktail party on our private roof deck, which overlooks downtown Seattle.

During lunch, you’ll have a private, interactive demonstration from David himself. He’ll walk you through the brand’s history, how it got its start with the now infamous Garlic Machine and has evolved over the past 30 years into what it is today. In addition, David will walk you through the brand’s latest and greatest products, showing you exactly how Chef’n’s tools help you make better food at home with a special look at our recently launched products.

Our latest collection is full of good stuff like folding cake carriers, planetary gears in pepper grinders and other culinary creations you’ve never seen anything like before. David might even share with you some of the brand’s soon-to-be-released products that are in the final stages of development!

At Chef’n, every day for us is all about creativity, color and cooking. Families thrive on good food and fun and ours is no exception. We can’t wait to welcome you into our home – don’t forget to register!

All attendees will leave with enough Chef’n swag to make a meal and then some! SIGN UP HERE!

Our History

From our family to yours.

In 1933, George Bay opened a bakery in Chicago’s Loop selling English muffins with a recipe his English grandmother brought to the U.S. in the 1800’s.  Sold by the dozen in brown paper bags, the muffins were hand-delivered to restaurants, hotels and private clubs.  In 1938, Bays was one of the first companies to package muffins in a box with a cellophane window.  In the early 70’s, Bays products were selected to introduce the Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich.  Bays remains a family business and adheres to the original recipe.  James Bay Jr. and George Bay are the third generation of the Bay family and actively run the business today.

Our Muffins

What Makes Bays Different ... and Better?

Have you ever wondered why Bays English Muffins are sold in the refrigerated dairy case and not in the bread aisle along with most other English muffins?

We follow an original family recipe and baking process that have been passed down through generations for a homemade goodness and quality you can truly taste. We uphold our high standards of excellence by using only the finest, authentic ingredients: pure cane sugar, Minnesota spring wheat flour and whole milk, real Wisconsin AA butter, and potato flour. This results in a muffin that toasts up golden brown, with a light, crispy texture.

All of our muffins are made to order, and leave the factory within 24 hours of baking to be shipped across the country in refrigerated trucks. By making our muffins available in the refrigerated section, we are able to ensure they arrive at your home fresh and full of flavor.

Bays English Muffins are available in four varieties:  Original, Sourdough, Honey Wheat & Multi-Grain.

All the Ways To Bays

So Many Uses!

Everyone has their favorite “WAYS” to enjoy the delicious taste of BAYS 
English Muffins. BAYS signature taste has been enjoyed thousands of different ways over the years.  From classic breakfast and brunch dishes to melts, pizzas, paninis and “smashes,”  we’re excited to share our ideas with you.

Visit us at like us on Facebook at announcements and a complete library of recipes and serving ideas.  We’d love to stay in touch, so sign up for our email newsletters and participate in our weekly Toast to Trivia food quiz.

We are proud to be a Grand Sponsor for this year’s International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle.  Stop by, say hello and enjoy some Bays English Muffins at the Culinary Fair/Expo on Saturday, September 19 and come for our sponsored breakfast/education session on Sunday, September 20.



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$495: Non-Bloggers
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