Featured Chef: Mario Arangio of Campbell North America!

chef mario arangio


Mario Arangio, Research Chef for Campbell's North America, will be preparing a selection of soups at the Friday evening Taste of New Orleans reception!

Mario has always had a fascination with American and Italian cuisine. Mario was born in the US but has lived in Italy for most of his life, He graduated from the Professional Institute of Hotel and Restaurant Management in Italy and also received his teaching certificate. He planned  menus and typical Italian dishes for various local restaurants. "I love making sauces and working with seafood," he says. Mario was the chef at the “A cannata” an island resort off the coast of Sicily, he also served as Head Chef for the Italian army's 4th Reg. Genio-Brigata Duca D'Aosta's  generals and other officers, When he moved back to the U.S. 11 years ago, Chef Mario worked in the Philadelphia area before joining Campbell in July 2002. Today, Mario enjoys knowing that the products he works on may end up on the tables of millions of U.S. consumers.