Get $100 Off the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference!

One of the secrets to our success at the International Food Blogger Conference is our partnership of two organizations: Foodista brings a wealth of online food contacts and knowledge, while Zephyr Adventures brings excellent conference organizational skills. In fact, Zephyr is organizing six different conferences for bloggers in 2011.

Zephyr was on the leading edge of creating blogger conferences, starting the North American Wine Bloggers Conference back in 2008 - a long time ago in terms of the web! The annual conference draws three hundred wine bloggers and industry folks and the 2011 conference will be July 22-24 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Last year, the company expanded to create the world's first conference for beer bloggers and, in 2011, two Beer Bloggers Conferences will be held: one in London, England in May and one in Portland, Oregon in August.

New in 2011, Zephyr Adventures will create a Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference, scheduled for June 24-26 in Boulder, Colorado. This conference will attract bloggers who write about weight loss, balanced lifestyles, healthy eating, fitness, and more specific genres such as running, yoga, or gym workouts. The schedule will include a private dinner in a local Whole Foods supermarket, a keynote speech from Gaiam's social media manager, and a Live Blogging session in which bloggers will taste and blog about a series of health food products in a round-robin, speed-dating style session. Boulder is known as an outdoor mecca and local companies have kicked in to offer guided hikes, mountain bike rides, yoga, and specialized fitness classes. It will be quite a weekend.

As a January special and in partnership with Foodista, Zephyr will offer any Foodista readers $100 off the normal $250 registration price through January 31. Just mention Foodista on your registration form.

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Zephyr Adventures has been running active trips around the world for 15 years and the trips all center on travel, fitness, and the local culinary scene. Check them out to do a foodie bicycle tour in Provence, France; an active wine tour in Chile and Argentina; or a biking, hiking, and beer tour in Yellowstone!