Featured Speaker: Dr. Jean Layton!

jean layton

We happily announce Dr. Jean Layton as a featured speaker on the 'Removing One Food and Finding Many Others' panel at IFBC SaMo!

In diverse jobs from chef to doctor with stops along the way in Candyland- as assistant candy buyer for Macy's Northeast and marketing, I've used my analytical skills to address an ongoing goal, "There has to be a better way."

Currently I maintain a private practice with my husband, Ed the acupuncturist at Layton Health Clinic in Bellingham, Washington. When not seeing patients, I work to give the gluten-free people a voice in the social media world, educating and encouraging them to thrive gluten-free.

I provide educational materials from research to recipes at my two Gluten-Free blogs www.GFDoctor.com and www.GFDoctorRecipes.com. I happily develop recipes to highlight the amazing flours and foods that are gluten-free, then go in and help restaurants with setting up a proper work space to keep their clients happy and healthy.

Pre-order Jean's fantastic book here: Gluten-Free Baking for Dummies!

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