Featured Speaker: Jun Belen!

jun belen


Jun Belen will be speaking on the Writing about Food and Culture panel at IFBC Santa Monica!

“The steam billowing out of my hand-me-down rice cooker kept my cold, clammy hands warm. The rice was cooking while the pork was simmering slowly in a delicious vinegar bath teeming with garlic and black peppercorns.”

Ever since I cooked my very first pork adobo in my tiny Stanford graduate student kitchen a few weeks after I moved to California many years ago, I have become deeply fascinated with the flavors of my heritage. Jun-blog is my mouthwatering Saveur-nominated collection of Filipino recipes, stunning photographs, and heartwarming narratives about cooking Filipino and being Filipino away from home. Every ingredient and every step, every photograph and every story bring back fond memories of friends and family, my hometown and my childhood.

I am a Philippine-born, San Francisco-based food photographer, food stylist, and food writer. My blog is a finalist for Best Regional Cuisine in Saveur Magazine’s 2011 Best Food Blog Awards. It has been featured in Saveur’s “the Best of the Web”, Foodista, Gojee, the Food News Journal, and the Kitchn.

I have appeared on Food Network Canada’s Eat Street and have judged cooking competitions like the Philippine Tourism Department’s Kulinarya. My food photographs have been featured in Florida’s Saltwater Recreational Fishing Regulations Magazine, San Francisco’s SF Weekly Magazine, San Francisco’s 7x7 Magazine, San Francisco’s Professional Travel Planner’s Guide and the Photographer’s Forum.

I moonlight as a Silicon Valley engineer. I live in Oakland, California with my partner, calamansi tree, and corgi.

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