Featured Speaker: Marissa Brassfield!

marissa brassfield


Marissa Brassfield is ridiculously efficient. She's a productivity expert, high-performance author and specialist in communication efficiency. Described as "a master of time management," "a force to be reckoned with," and "a symbol of motivation, talent and productivity" by clients, Marissa helps cutting-edge teams do more in less time.

As an author, Marissa has written over 7,000 online articles, generating over 30,000,000 views for publications like Trend Hunter and Foodista. She also spent three years as the editor-at-large for TrendHunter.com, where she edited over 20,000 articles, which generated more than 120,000,000 views.

Marissa has turned her skill at analyzing and hacking workflows into a specialty. She now ignites boardrooms and supercharges workgroups with her 10-step road map to being ridiculously efficient in the workplace. Marissa helps teams dramatically increase the effectiveness of meetings, align their colleagues with consistent communication, and save time with email and written messages. All this comes with Marissa's infectious energy and the guarantee that she'll make your high-performance team even more efficient.

Follow Marissa on Twitter @efficient and read more about her breakthrough approach to productivity at RidiculouslyEfficient.com.