Who’s Your Farmer? Meet Paul and Maureen Knapp!

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Organic Valley is proud to sponsor the delicious Saturday and Sunday morning breakfasts from 7:00-9:00am and the “Farm-to-Table” Session on Saturday at 8:00am at the 2011 International Food Blogger Conference.

You probably know Organic Valley as a trusted source of delicious and healthful organic foods, but did you know that we're a farmer-owned cooperative? Yep, a big bunch of little guys. Our 1,658 farm families across the country produce, bottle and distribute milk right in their regions to ensure fewer miles from farm to table and to support local economies. And we all know that local tastes good. Learn more about our cooperative here.

The “Farm-to-Table” Session will feature Organic Valley farmers Paul and Maureen Knapp from Preble, N.Y. They will share their personal story as well as key insights into the life of organic farming.

6 Things You Need to Know About Paul and Maureen Knapp:

  1. Their farm, Cobblestone Valley Enterprises, sits on a 600-acre site 20 miles south of Syracuse, N.Y. It’s been in the family for four generations.
  2. The Knapps converted their conventional dairy to organic in 2000 – an admittedly difficult transition at the time, but they couldn’t be happier with the results now.
  3. Together with their three sons, the Knapps milk 75 cows twice daily. The cows graze on 95 acres of rich pasture land. The abundant green grass leads to the luscious Organic Valley milk in your home today.
  4. The Knapps have a certified organic “pick your own” strawberries business.
  5. In the past several years, Paul and Maureen diversified their operation by direct marketing meats starting out with pastured poultry and eggs then added on beef and pork too.
  6. Composting is their newest venture. Maureen wrote grants to fund the project and established a local compost collaborative.

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We look forward to meeting you on Saturday, Nov. 12, for breakfast and the “Farm-to-Table Session.”