IFBC: The First and Best Food Blogger Conference!

Organized by Foodista.com and Zephyr Adventures, IFBC was the first-ever conference for food bloggers, first held in May of 2009. The series focuses on three themes: Food, Writing, and Technology. This event will feature high quality educational sessions, personal networking opportunities, and 95% of attendees say the IFBC has the best food and wine of any blogging conference!

Past conferences have featured engaging sessions by industry leading authors, chefs, bloggers and more. 

Join us this year in beautiful Santa Monica!

Olive Oil from Spain

olive oil

You too can become an olive oil from Spain expert. Did you know that Spain produces an average of 1 million tons of olive oil annually, making it the #1 producer of olive oil in the world. Olive oil from Spain is produced from unique olive varietals grown only in Spain – Picual, Picudo, Cornicabra, Hojiblanca, and Arbequina among others making the flavor of the olive oil distinct from all others. If you want 100% olive juice you have to buy Extra Virgin - considered the finest of oils in terms of quality, with all the flavor and properties of olives (vitamins & antioxidants).

Now that you know a little about olive oil from Spain you can conduct your own olive oil tasting the keys are to examine aroma and taste. Buy a couple of bottles of different varietals of extra virgin olive oil from Spain in your supermarket (for information visit www.oliveoilfromspain.com) and begin.


Before tasting, take a few sniffs of the oil to take in the fragrance. The best oils have a scent that’s fresh and somewhat fruity.


Pour about 1 teaspoonful of oil into a shallow tumbler. Next draw it quickly into the mouth, mixing it with air to register all the nuances of flavor. What should you taste for? Here is a short list of key tasting terms:

Peppery is the term used to describe a ‘bite’ in the back of the throat.

Bitter is similar to the taste of green olives. Considered a positive feature, it can be intense, or mellower.

Fruity is reminiscent of the odor of ripe, fresh fruit. These oils are best used uncooked.

Ripe also refers to a fruity taste from ripe olives; usually mild and sweet.

Sweet describes a pleasant, not sugary, taste; Almond flavor is associated with sweet oils these oils do well when paired with a dessert recipe.

With the best olive oils, you should be able to smell the fresh, fruity aroma of the olive and taste the subtle nuances of flavor.

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Agenda Announced!

We are thrilled to announce our agenda for IFBC SaMo! All sessions and workshops were created from suggestions and feedback we gained from a survey we sent to hundreds of past and current attendees.  And though the agenda is subject to change, we are happy to share the content that you told us is most relevant and meaningful to you. Please continue to help us tailor the conference by telling us what you want!

View the agenda here.

Stay tuned for our speaker, chef, and sponsor announcements in the coming weeks!

Take Our Agenda Survey!

We're currently developing the agendas for both of the 2011 International Food Blogger Conferences and want to create sessions that are relevant, valuable, and interesting to all attendees. Over the past few months, we've asked for and received a number of proposals for sessions and speakers. All of those ideas have been taken into consideration and incorporated into the following survey. We know you have a lot of insight into the conferences and would appreciate your thoughts and opinions. Please take a moment to fill it out and remember, all of the feedback will help us shape the conference around what topics you find most interesting!

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Get $100 Off the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference!

One of the secrets to our success at the International Food Blogger Conference is our partnership of two organizations: Foodista brings a wealth of online food contacts and knowledge, while Zephyr Adventures brings excellent conference organizational skills. In fact, Zephyr is organizing six different conferences for bloggers in 2011.

Zephyr was on the leading edge of creating blogger conferences, starting the North American Wine Bloggers Conference back in 2008 - a long time ago in terms of the web! The annual conference draws three hundred wine bloggers and industry folks and the 2011 conference will be July 22-24 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Last year, the company expanded to create the world's first conference for beer bloggers and, in 2011, two Beer Bloggers Conferences will be held: one in London, England in May and one in Portland, Oregon in August.

New in 2011, Zephyr Adventures will create a Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference, scheduled for June 24-26 in Boulder, Colorado. This conference will attract bloggers who write about weight loss, balanced lifestyles, healthy eating, fitness, and more specific genres such as running, yoga, or gym workouts. The schedule will include a private dinner in a local Whole Foods supermarket, a keynote speech from Gaiam's social media manager, and a Live Blogging session in which bloggers will taste and blog about a series of health food products in a round-robin, speed-dating style session. Boulder is known as an outdoor mecca and local companies have kicked in to offer guided hikes, mountain bike rides, yoga, and specialized fitness classes. It will be quite a weekend.

As a January special and in partnership with Foodista, Zephyr will offer any Foodista readers $100 off the normal $250 registration price through January 31. Just mention Foodista on your registration form.

Click here to register!

Zephyr Adventures has been running active trips around the world for 15 years and the trips all center on travel, fitness, and the local culinary scene. Check them out to do a foodie bicycle tour in Provence, France; an active wine tour in Chile and Argentina; or a biking, hiking, and beer tour in Yellowstone!

Share Your Ideas!

One of the reasons we've opened registration early, without having a complete agenda in place, is because we want attendees to offer their ideas for session topics and speakers. It's a way for all of you to shape your own experience.

Our aim in creating the International Food Blogger Conference has always been to honor the people who fill the venue. We want the program to reflect what you want to see, hear, eat, and do. This means we're opening our agenda to you, the community of past, present, and future attendees, for input. Share topics you'd like to see covered, speakers you'd like to present, even the restaurants you're dying to try!

All ideas are welcome!

Announcing IFBC 2011 Santa Monica!

We are extremely excited to announce that Zephyr Adventures and Foodista have teamed up again to organize two International Food Blogger Conferences in 2011. Our West Coast conference will be in wonderful downtown Santa Monica, November 11-13! It's early in the planning process, but we secured a very cool venue at the Hilton Doubletree near the beach and famous promenade.

Photo: Red Dahlia

Though the program is still in development, we opened registration early since the last conferences sold out months in advance. In addition to guaranteeing a spot, early registrants will have the opportunity to help shape the conference agenda, speaker lineup, meals and other activities. Capacity will be 250-300.

Click to Register

See you at IFBC 2011 SaMo!

Live in the East? Check out IFBC 2011 New Orleans!