deb perelman

Featured Speaker: Deb Perelman!

deb perelman

The fabulous Deb Perelman of SmittenKitchen will be speaking during the Recipe Writing and Development session at IFBC New Orleans!

Food writer Deb Perelman is currently a writer and the home cook, photographer, and publisher behind Smitten Kitchen, though in past versions of her so-called career she's worked at a bakery, coffee shop, ice cream shop, record store, a nursing home, and an information technology magazine. She has written for Martha Stewart Living, Parenting and NPR. She lives in the East Village with her husband Alex and her 7-month old son, the incredible edible Jacob Henry. She likes bourbon, artichokes, things that taste like burnt sugar, and baked goods with funny names.

Her multiple award-winning blog, SmittenKitchen, has garnered praise from Martha Stewart, Saveur, Bon Appetit, the NYTimes, the LA Times, and many more.

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