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Bridging the Agricultural Divide: Farmers to Talk Candidly at IFBC 2012

National Pork Board

Have you ever wondered where that pork chop on your grill or that ham in your sandwich came from? Bridge the knowledge gap at the IFBC breakfast session on Saturday morning, Aug. 25, and get the facts directly from two farmers who raise pigs for a living. They will fill in all the details about how your food is produced during their session, “Pork: Responsible, Ethical Farming,” sponsored by the National Pork Board.  

Meet the farmers:

      *Located in central Missouri, the Windmanns are proud to raise pigs in a way that combines the best of modern technology with family farming values. Jo Windmann actively seeks to share knowledge of modern farming with the public. Through her blog, The Bacon Blogger, she provides farming facts and debunks myths about modern pork production. She wants consumers to learn about farming from real farmers and see what modern pork production is all about. Follow her on Twitter @JoWindmann.

      *The Hill family, located in northwest Indiana, understands that a successful farm is a sustainable, responsible farm, and they are working hard to help others understand their livelihood and way of life. Heather and her husband, Marc, are fourth-generation pig farmers who combine the demands of farming with raising a young family. Heather discusses life on the farm at her blog, 3 Kids and Lots of PigsYou also can follow her on Twitter @proudporkmom.

Nobody understands the importance of pork quality, safety, responsible production and continuous improvement better than these two farmers, so don’t miss out on the chance to hear directly from them on how they are doing things right on the farm. They invite you to listen to some interesting facts about how pork gets from the farm to your fork over a scrumptious breakfast.

Heather and Jo would like to know more about you and your thoughts on farmers. Participate in their survey to answer a few quick questions that will help frame the discussion at the Saturday breakfast session.

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Bloggers, Food Writers & Cookbook Authors

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