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Thursday, September 19, 2013

2:30 - 5:45 Optional Excursion: Food and Wine Excursion to Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville @SteMichelle
Space is limited! Learn more here and register.

7:00  Exclusive Documentary Preview Screening: GMO OMG! (showing at the W Hotel)
Great Room 2, 3rd Floor

Nature’s Path is pleased to invite you this award-winning documentary’s  first preview screening in Washington state. GMO OMG is an honest and heartwarming journey of discovery. Finn is 6 and fascinated with seeds. Like any good Dad, Jeremy wants to encourage his son’s curiosity. Who knew it would lead whim from the kitchen table to Monsanto’s doorstep? Read more about this film here!
*Light refreshments will be served.
Please RSVP to Candice Macalino.

Friday September 20, 2013

12:00 -1:30 Registration & Lunch
Foyer, 2nd Floor

Gluten Free Carnitas & Tofu Sofritas Bowls provided by Chipotle Mexican Grill

1:40-2:00 Conference Welcome
Great Room 1, 2nd Floor

2:00 - 2:45 Keynote Speaker: Dorie Greenspan @DorieGreenspan
Great Room 1, 2nd Floor

2:45 - 4:15 Live Food Blogging with Grocery
Great Room 1, 2nd Floor

In this fun session, you will have the opportunity to hone your micro-blogging skills while discovering new favorite treats. Amazon Grocery will sample fifteen specialty, niche or hard-to-find brands. Each brand will have around three minutes to serve you the product, give a short explanation, and answer questions while you blog or tweet about the product. After three minutes, a new brand will take the stage.

Annie's Homegrown @annieshomegrown
Fever-Tree @FeverTreeMixers
Drink Chia @drinkchia
BumbleBar @bumblebar
ZICO Coconut Water @zico
Bai5 @drinkbai
Navitas Naturals Organic @NavitasNaturals
LINDOR Chocolate @Lindt_Chocolate
Brookside Chocolate @brookside_choc
Scharffenberger @scharffenberger
Manuka Doctor @ManukaDr
YumEarth Organics @YumEarth
Sahale Snacks @sahalesnacks
Suja Juice @sujajuice 
Happy Family @HappySuperfoods

4:30 - 5:45 Sessions

Session 1:  Technology: Making Your Blog Work for You
Studio 4/5, 3rd Floor theme designer and developer, Michael Cain (@mapandmenu, @michaeldcain), will take you through the ins and outs of designing a food blog that appeals to and works for your particular audience. His talk will cover blog design and usability basics and a number of the open-source features and technologies available specifically to food bloggers.

Session 2 Writing:  Entrepreneurial Journalism:
 Building Your Food Blog Media Business

Great Room 2, 3rd Floor

Join Mark Briggs (@MarkBriggs), Director of Digital Media at KING
 Broadcasting, in exploring how food bloggers can 
thrive and grow in the competitive digital writing space. Learn the business dynamics and skills required to turn your blog into a successful media business.

Session 3 Tech:  The Elements in Building Traffic
Great Room 1B, 2nd Floor 

Join's Judith Dern (@AR_Judith) and Richard Kozel and founders Barnaby Dorfman (@Barnaby) and Sheri Wetherell (@SheriWetherell @Foodista) as they share their tactics in building traffic. They'll discuss everything thing from writing (are you writing for the web or print?) and web design to SEO and social media and how it all ties in to attracting viewers.

7:00 - 9:00 A Taste of Seattle and Gourmet Fair
Great Room 1, 2nd Floor

Enjoy sampling a variety of gourmet goods from producers, nibble on cuisine prepared by some of Seattle's best chefs and restaurants, all while discovering goodies in our Gift Suite.

Saturday September 21, 2013

7:00 - 9:30 Breakfast hosted by Pastry Smart @PastrySmart
Great Room 1, 2nd Floor

8:30 - 9:30 Food: What Matters Most: Conversations on Humane, Organic & Sustainable Food Production Practices in a Millenial World presented by Pastry Smart
Great Room 1, 2nd Floor

79 million members of the Millenial Generation are coming of age in the United States. With a strong value system and a bold preference for quality and transparency, this generation is changing business as usual within the food industry. We invite you to join us for breakfast hosted by Pastry Smart CEO and Executive Pastry Chef Mark Ainsworth (@marklainsworth), Pastry Smart COO Merril Gilbert, and Kathi Brock, National Director for Humane Heartland, the farm animal program for American Humane Association. Enjoy tastes of the best organic + humane savories as we explore the changing landscape of food production and defining what Humane, Organic, and Sustainable means for this new DIY generation.

9:00 - 10:00 Happiness Bar
2nd Floor Foyer

Interested in Wordpress or have a pressing question regarding your site you need help with? Bring you laptop and thinking cap to the WordPress Happiness Bar at IFBC where WordPress's Happiness Engineers are there to help you and introduce you to

10:00 - 12:00 Food Photography & Cooking Demo
Great Room 1, 2nd Floor

Back by popular demand! Renowned The New York Times food photographer Andrew Scrivani (@AndrewScrivani) will open this Food Series with the A-Zs of Digital Food Photography. You’ll also enjoy a live cooking demonstration from Chef John Mitzewich of Food Wishes and Blue C Sushi's vice president of culinary, Jeffrey Lunak.

12:00 - 2:00 Discovery Expo
2nd Floor Foyer, Studio 1,2,3

Sample delicious food/drink and discover interesting products, services, and more in this afternoon expo featuring these great brands:

Veggie Grill @VeggieGrill
Allrecipes @Allrecipes
DRY Soda @DrySoda
Yelp @YelpSeattle @wordpressdotcom
Natures Path @NaturesPath
Cascade Ice Unique Beverage Company @CascadeIceWater
California Strawberry @CAstrawberries
Le Cordon Bleu
Readers Digest | Taste Ad Network @TasteAdNetwork
Alaska Seafood @ASMIAkSeafood
Sahale Snacks @SahaleSnacks
Simple & Crisp @SimpleandCrisp
mallow Artisan Marshmallows @shopmallow
Pastry Smart @PastrySmart
La Panzanella Artisan Crackers
Rogue Creamery @Rogue_Creamery
Oxbow Organic Farm and Education Center

2:15 - 3:45   Sessions

Session 1 Food: Artisan Olive Oil Tasting
 With California Olive Ranch @CAOliveRanch
Great Room 2, 3rd Floor

Certainly you are familiar with the fascinating world of tasting wine, but have you learned the nuances of tasting olive oil?  Walk with us through a  sensory tasting and educational session with our master miller, Bob Singletary, industry icon for over thirty years.  You’ll learn the subtleties of tasting notes and flavor profiles, as well as explore what oils pair best with your fresh ingredients and menus. Learn how to set up your own DIY Tasting Party with your friends and fans. Join us in this fun and interactive session, hosted by California Olive Ranch!

Session 2 Wine & Writing: Live Blogging: An Exercise in Writing with @BordeauxWines
Great Room 1B, 2nd Floor

Do you speak wine? Join Bordeaux Wines for an interactive exercise in wine writing! From the basics of blending to taste, tannins and terroirs, come discover your inner oenophile. Our experienced Wine Buffs, Ward Kadel (@drXeNo) and Sam Klingberg (@brokewino), will walk you through the fundamentals of writing about wine, as you taste your way through a variety of reds and whites from the Bordeaux region.

Session 3 Tech: Food Photography Workflow From A-Z
Great Room 1A, 2nd Floor

You've taken those great shots now how can you
 make them even better? Take your photography to 
the next level with post production tips from
 The New York Times' food photographer 
Andrew Scrivani.

4:00 - 5:30 Sessions

Session 1 Food & Wine
Studio 1/2/3, 2nd Floor

Chateau Ste. Michelle Culinary Director John Sarich (@JohnSarich) shares practical advice for pairing wine and food, from classic pairings to unexpected surprises. Be ready to rethink the old rules of wine and food pairing and try innovative and magical pairings. John has traveled the world teaching wine and food courses, authored five cookbooks and hosted nationally syndicated TV cooking shows. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about Washington wine and experience John's knowledge and passion for food and wine!

Session 2 Writing: Story Telling: The 7-Part Structure of Stories
Great Room 2, 3rd Floor

Make your food writing and public speaking not just effective, but compelling by understanding the foundations of telling a good story. We’ll be ON OUR FEET practicing improvisational theater games which teach participants the classic seven-part structure of stories, plot advancement vs. embellishment and how to engage the imagination and memory to find unobvious details. Take away tools that make your communication richer (and stickier) for your audience. These are valuable skills for those interested in better video performance too. Leave your notepad in your bag, let go of your fear of failure and prepare to play. Taught by Cookus Interruptus performers and cooks Cynthia Lair and Matt Smith (@cookusinterrupt).

Session 3 Tech: Sous Vide Cooking Demystified with Seattle Food Geek
Great Room 1A, 2nd Floor

Scott Heimendinger (@SeattleFoodGeek), Director of Applied Research for Modernist Cuisine, and creator of the Sansaire $199 sous vide machine, will explain everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cooking sous vide at home. He’ll cover the basics of sous vide cooking, strategies for feeding a crowd without breaking a sweat, and why the world’s best restaurant chefs trust sous vide and leave nothing to chance. Scott will also address some common misconceptions and offer practical tips for cooking sous vide on any budget! this super fun food science session!

5:30 - 6:45: Taste of Alaska Seafood Reception Hosted by Alaska Seafood @ASMIAkSeafood
Great Room 1B/Foyer, 2nd Floor

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute will share some creative and delicious tastes of the best seafood Alaska has to offer. On the menu: Alaska Halibut Corn Dogs, Buffalo Alaska Cod Quesadillas, Sockeye Salmon Bites and Bacon Wrapped Scallop Sliders.

7:00 - 10:00 Urbanspoon Dine-Around Dinner 
Join Urbanspoon (@Urbanspoon) for a Surprise Saturday Supper. Urbanspoon is hosting more than a dozen intimate dinner parties around the city.  Enjoy a tasting menu at one of the top restaurants in Seattle. Here is a little extra fun -- we are going to keep the actual locations a secret! Don't worry, for those of you with dietary restrictions, we've got you covered! Dinner will include transportation and an opportunity for a meet and greet with the host restaurant's chef or manager. Seattle has an amazing foodie scene, so get out and have some fun!  Let Urbanspoon surprise you!

Sunday September 22, 2013

6:00 - 9:30 Wake up With Pike Place Market @Pike_Place

Don't miss this self-guided tour of the historical Pike Place Market! Customized maps will be provided by The Market listing some great places to visit. The best time to be there is in the morning, so grab a coffee and have fun watching this amazing market come to life!

9:45 - 11:15 Sessions

Session 1 Food: Low Salt Living...with LoSalt

Studio 1/2/3, 2nd Floor

Join speaker Caroline Klinge in exploring the world of salt around us and how it affects our health. Partake in an interactive blood pressure test, enjoy taste testing, sample the LoSalt product, and learn how you can cook with LoSalt. Also, find out how you can become a LoSalt Ambassador!

Session 2 Writing: Snap Out of It!
Great Room 1A, 2nd Floor

Author/journalist Kim O'Donnel will lead this interactive timed-writing workshop on how to wake ourselves up from a writing coma, aka writer's block, and breaking out of old patterns. We'll stir the pot, literally and metaphorically!

Session 3 Tech: Google Plus, AuthorRank, and Where Search Is Going?
Great Room 1B, 2nd Floor

Think G+ doesn't matter? Think again. Google's using it as the anchoring point for their latest effort to track and rank writer significance across the web. Attend this session with internet marketing executive Ian Lurie (@portent) to learn how you can correctly set up your profile, your blog, and how to capitalize.

11:15 - 11:45 Conference Closing
Great Room 1, 2nd Floor



Register for 2014 here!

2013 SOLD OUT!

Registration Fee:
$95 (active bloggers)
$395 (non-bloggers)

*New in 2013! See registration for qualifying details.

Who Should Attend

Bloggers, Food Writers & Cookbook Authors

Publishers, Agents & Editors

Food Brand / Restaurant Marketers

Public Relations Professionals

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