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We are thrilled to announce that IFBC is coming back to Seattle in 2015!

Organized by and Zephyr Adventures, IFBC was the first-ever conference for food bloggers, first held in May of 2009. The series focuses on three themes: Food, Writing, and Technology. This event will feature high-quality educational sessions, personal networking opportunities, and what 95% of attendees say is the best food and wine of any blogging conference! Join us for our SEVENTH annual conference in beautiful Seattle, Washington!

Dates: September 18 - 20, 2015
Location: The Sheraton Seattle Hotel
Registration Fee: $195 / $495


*The cost of registration for all participants is $495. However, for food bloggers with an active blog who agree to write at least three posts about the conference, the cost is only $195. You can choose to write about anything you want - the conference itself, the venue, the sponsors, or the food - and can do so before, during, or immediately after the conference. This is our way of supporting food bloggers as you attempt to make a living (or cut costs from) your food blogging.

Christina Miller will be co-hosting the Cooking Backwards: The Art and Science of Local and Seasonal Cooking at IFBC from 4-5:20 PM on Saturday.

Christina started Green Bow Farm with her husband Matthew Cox in 2011 with the dream of raising animals on pasture to heal the land and produce nutrient dense foods. In this process of becoming farmers they have learned a tremendous amount about what it takes to build community in the local food movement but also that there is a huge need and desire in the general public to learn about how food is raised and why farmers do what they do. This appreciation of community connecting to their food and living a healthy lifestyle all began at PCC Natural Markets. Christina worked for the cooperative for over a decade learning and sharing knowledge about all things food related in many different leadership roles. It was this community committed to the healthiest food possible that inspired her in many ways to become a farmer and an advocate for the local food movement. To learn more about their families journey starting a farm your can read Christina's writing at

Photo byLena Eivy

Greta Hardin will be co-hosting the Cooking Backwards: The Art and Science of Local and Seasonal Cooking at IFBC from 4-5:20 PM on Saturday.

Great is a cookbook author (Cooking Your Local Produce) with a High School Chemistry teacher past and a Middle School Brain and Health teacher present.  In between those two teaching gigs she had my own son.  This led her to hang out on local farms and get to know farmers, toddlers and parents. She saw a gap in what people wanted to know about choosing and using local food versus what they did know.  This means every time she is confronted with “the seasonal cooking question” she can’t help but look at it through her teacher glasses.  As a result she end up spending time working on the problem of how to teach people what they want to know, in a way they want to learn it.  Current challenge:  more ways to enjoy fennel, and how does it preserve best?

Audra Mulkern

Audra Mulkern will be co-hosting the Cooking Backwards: The Art and Science of Local and Seasonal Cooking session at IFBC from 4- 5:20pm on Saturday.

Audra is a cook, writer and photographer who is putting good food in the spotlight and changing the way you look at farming and the food on your plate.

She is the author of “Rooted In The Valley: The Art and Color of The Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Markets” - a photographic essay highlighting farmers and artisans from the Carnation and Duvall farmers markets. Proceeds from book sales are donated back to the Sno-Valley Tilth, an organization and community of local farmers.  

Audra also writes and photographs “The Female Farmer Project” – a chronicle of in-depth stories about the rise of women working in agriculture around the world.  The Female Farmer Project has garnered international recognition, has been featured in several magazines and is currently being translated for Expo 2015, the World’s Fair being held in Milan, Italy.

Photo by: Danielle Acken

With hearty harvest fare, apple picking and tailgating, fall really is one of the nicest times for home baking and entertaining. At this year’s IFBC, Seattle’s own Krusteaz is thrilled to bring you a fun, ‘out-of-the-box’ session about Entertaining with Ease featuring Krusteaz’s Culinary Specialist Malia Hasegawa and renowned entertaining expert Jennifer Sbranti of Hostess with the Mostess.

Malia has been part of the Krusteaz family for over eight years and serves as the Culinary Specialist for the brand.  She has the envious job of spending her days in the Krusteaz test kitchen, collaborating with corporate chefs, coming up with new recipe creations, examining food trends and working alongside food experts tasked with developing new products for the brand.

Jennifer brings her contemporary style on entertaining ideas through her website, creative online community and popular blog.

Think of this session as an entertaining boot camp where attendees will gain the knowledge and planning know-how about putting together memorable events. 

Whether you’re throwing a casual cocktail hour, hosting a dinner party or looking for something creative for weekday family dinners, Malia and Jennifer will share their secrets for entertaining success including crowd-pleasing recipes, simple techniques and tips, along with platter presentations and creative DIY décor inspirations. 

Through a series of demos, you’ll see how versatile a pantry staple like Krusteaz can streamline prep work when it comes to creating everything from breakfast to appetizers to desserts. 

We’ll also be sharing exciting new product launches from the brand and we’ll have delectable samples for you to savor!

As a way to whet your palate, nothing says fall like the paring of apples and cinnamon!  This recipe is a welcoming treat for guests and perfect as a side dish option for brunch, afternoon coffee or even as dessert served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Cinnamon Apple Pecan Crumb Cake
Shown above

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 55 minutes
Effort: 1

Servings: 12

1 package Krusteaz Cinnamon Crumb Cake & Muffin Mix (each box includes 1 pouch of cake mix and cinnamon topping mix)
1 egg
½ cup sour cream
½ cup water
1 medium apple, peeled and chopped (about 1 cup)
½ cup chopped pecans


Prepare oven to 350 degrees. 

Place full pouch cake mix, ¾ cup cinnamon topping, egg, sour cream and water in a medium bowl.  Stir until moistened.  Fold in the chopped apple.

Spoon batter into a lightly greased, 9-inch round pan.

Sprinkle remaining cinnamon topping over batter.

Top with pecans.  Bake 45-50 minutes or until toothpick inserted into center comes out clean.

Let cake cool 10-15 minutes before removing from pan. 

To learn more about Krusteaz and see additional recipes, please visit You can also follow @Krusteaz on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

Let's face it, coming up with a name for a new blog is hard, but when you couple that with trying to find a corresponding domain name, the process almost becomes impossible.

Let’s say I wanted to start a blog called “M+M Cooking”, I would search for, which of course would come up as unavailable. Next I would search for which again would be unavailable. After searching through the meager amount of domains left available, I would frustratingly end up with an almost irrelevant domain name such as Obviously this is not ideal, especially when it comes to marketing the blog online.

We are now in luck with the launch of the first ever Top Level Domain dedicated to the cooking community, .Cooking!

What is a Top Level Domains you ask? Also known as TLDs, they are the letters to the right of the dot in your web address such as the COM in or the NET in

When the World Wide Web was launched in 1989, these Top Level Domains were used to help categorize the relatively few websites at the time. Originally the .com stood for “commercial” and the .net stood for “network”. But in the present climate, the number of websites has grown exponentially and the .com in a web address no longer has any significance, other than it being a live website.  There is no categorization as to what that site is about; you could be going to a travel site for all you know. Also the chances of you being able to create a short and memorable web address are incredibly slim, (and good luck trying to match it to your blog nameThis is where the Top Level Domain .Cooking comes in! Not only will it give you the chance to create a shorter, more memorable name, but it will target your intended audience directly. This will in turn boost your SEO and more.

With .Cooking launching on the 15th of September, you will be able to register your name at the conference! We are offering a very special deal for attendees so come and find us any time during the conference, we will also be at the Gourmet Fair on Saturday.




Register for 2015!

Only $195 for active food bloggers

$495 for non-blogger participants (industry, media relations professionals, etc.)

Who Should Attend

Bloggers, Food Writers & Cookbook Authors

Publishers, Agents & Editors

Food Brand / Restaurant Marketers

Public Relations Professionals

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