Lokendra Nath Roychoudhury

Cooking is not my favourite activity - eating is. I can cook only if pushed to the brink. In line with India tradition, I enjoy food cooked by all the ladies around me. I am exceptionally fortunate that my Mother was as a great cook, but she is too weak of age now. My Mother-in-law was a great cook. My wife is a superb cook - only when she wants to. Even the wives of my friends, whom I visit most often are competent cooks.

What my tongue dislikes, my throat does not let pass. Much criticised by all these ladies, I rather starve than eat what I don't like. So, you can guess how I initially suffered while in Germany. Took me quite some time to get used to - nay, even enjoy Brathuhn, Schweinkotlette gebacken, gegrillte Forelle etc. Surprise of surprises - I like Sauerkraut

Before all you competent cooks, esp ladies sneer at me, let me assure you, I once cooked egg, potato curry for Mom & Wife after their long trip back home & both agreed I can cook well.