Ozlem Warren

I was born and raised in Turkey, and has always been surrounded by good food. My roots go back to the ancient city Antioch (Antakya), at the sourthern part of Turkey, where wonderful spicy, fragrant dishes hail. I am very passionate about Turkish food and love sharing healthy, easy, delicious Turkish recipes at my blog www.ozlemsturkishtable.com. I lived in Austin,Texas for over 5 years and had the pleasure of doing Turkish cooking classes to food lovers thru Central Market Cooking School. Such a joy to connect with foodies and share Turksih food and culinary heritage. I also have been doing culinary and cultural trips to my homeland, Turkey for 6 years. Food and travel complement each other so well and it is a joy to share my home country's treasures. I now live in England and continue sharing Turkish recipes to all foodies. Hope you enjoy the recipes!


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