The Posh Latin Cook

Hi! My name is Elena and I am from a beautiful island you all know as Puerto Rico.

Raised in New York in a household of 8 I am the eldest daughter of Elena & Alejandro Martinez. My mother remarried when I was 5 and soon after came my 3 younger sisters and two step siblings. Raised in a mixed household (Puerto Rican/Ecuadorian/Colombian) I absorbed a fusion mixture of cuisine cooking.

I remember being four years old around the holidays when my mother thought I was old enough to start “guayando” yautía, green guineos and platanos verdes for my moms pastelles recipe she’d make for our traditional holiday events.

At 5, my kindergarten graduation present was learning how to make my “moro” a traditional blend of rice and beans in PR spices.

I hope you will be enjoy this ride with me as I embark on this adventurous Culinary journey…

With Love,