Question: I Have Made Italian Meringue A Few Times Now ,Love It But How Do I Stop The Sugar Syrup From Weeping After A Day Or Two,Its So Frustrating?

April 6, 2010
the flavour is beautiful but it so annoying because its looks amazing and tastes the same!!


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Nearly all meringue will weep at some point. It's virtually unavoidable.
A few tips:
1. Use the freshest eggs possible
2. Try using superfine of Bakers Sugar (you want to make sure all your sugar is dissolved)
3. Avoid making meringue on a rainy, wet day-it can absorb the extra humidity.
4. Make sure your filling is piping hot when you add the meringue.
5. Store at room temperature- covered.
After a day or two it will weep, so eat fast.

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thanks Chris,the only problem with that,is that the actual recipe,and it is lemon ,meringue is that the recipe says to cool the filling first,so grrrrrrr,i will give that a try though thanks >IS bakers sugar icing sugar or castor sugar,not sure!!And yes i find it is ok on the first day,but after that it does weep,so i will try and eat faster,!!i will give it my best shot!! I have never stored it at room temp so that might help as well ,thanks.