Question: Can You include Americanized measurements in your recipes?

January 20, 2011
In short, I'm from the States and I am used to using ounces, cups, tbls, etc. I have no idea how to measure 450 grams.


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Here's a good conversion chart.

I'm also on the hunt for a good conversion widget for kitchen measurements that I can post on my blog and put on my desktop. In the meantime- I refer to online conversion charts.

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Also....450 grams is about a pound.

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The only problem when using only Americanized measurements is that they're not standardized. For example, 1 American cup is equivalent to 225ml, whereas a Canadian cup is 250ml, a British cup is 200ml, and in Japan it's 180ml.
It might be easier to just include the ounces with your cup measurements.

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My suggestion is to invest in a cheap set of kitchen scales (they don"t have to be fancy digital versions). Using cup measurements in savoury cooking is not an exact science but is is when it comes to baking UK, European or AUS recipes. Check online you should probably get a set for less than $20 or look in stores such as Target or Linens and Things.

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1 US Once equals 28.3 grams
1 US Pound equals 453 grams

For liquids

100 ml equal 3.3 oz

and I agree with the above poster, a kitchen scale is essential for baking, i got a cheap digital one at Bed Bath and Beyond for 19.99