Question: Can I Substitute Butter With Ghee In Baking Recipes

February 9, 2010
Hi I was wondering if I could replace butter with ghee while baking. I know it works well for cakes cos I have tried it myself, but am not sure about cookies and pie crusts. Any suggestions on whether it would work and quantities to be used would be very welcome


Euclydes Antonio dos Santos Filho's picture

Ghee IS butter. Thus, in fact, no substitution is really taking place. The clarification of butter, which produces ghee, separates water and several milk solids from the fat, rendering a product with higher smoking point. It can be used to replace not only regular butter, but also other types of oils as a source of saturated fat.

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Thank you . That made it easier.

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Ghee is not a solid so replacing it in some pie crust recipes may not work as well as solid butter would work in attaining a nice flaky crust.

Anuradha Venkatesh Chenji's picture

Not in all. Ghee tends to make cakes a bit heavier than butter. Biscuits are fine.