Question: clear liquids with high protein

November 17, 2010
I am a vegetarian who is scheduled for gastric banding on Dec 2. Part of the post op diet is clear liquids. One suggestion is broth. The problem is veggie broth has very little protein. Any suggestions for adding protein. I'm terrified of being hungry to the point I will eat everything in the house. Thanks


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I've only known a few people who went through that, but they only had to stay on clear liquids for the first day, then they could drink Boost and Ensure, etc. after that and start working up from there.

I have NO IDEA if proteins work AT ALL like vitamins and minerals, but they tell you to water your plants with the water you steam veggies in so they get the nutrients...would the same work for you? What if you used the veggie broth to cook some Quinoa, which is a good source of protein, then strain and drink the liquid and freeze the quinoa for later use??? Wonder if any of the protein would transfer that way? Good luck with it!!!

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Soybeans, lentils, beans and spinach are all higher in protein. You could cook them all together for taste and then strain them through cheesecloth (several times) to make a nice clear broth.