Question: Baking beignets?

January 15, 2011
Is this possible or will I end up with something other than a beignet?



Chris Paulk's picture

There are various recipes over the internet for baked beignets. There are baked doughnuts- that are still considered doughnuts.
There will be a different taste and texture, but you may find it just as good.

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Beignets are AWESOME!!! You will definately need a deep fryer or hot oil and a cany thermometer, though, becuase they are deep fried. I like Emeril's recipes that I got with my deep fryer...they taste amazing every time. I just roll out the dough and cut them in irregular squares, rectangles and triangles and they turn out golden brown, puffy, and delicious.

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Having had the real "McCoy" in New Orleans I can't even envisage the idea of baking beignet dough. You will surely have a different product no matter what anyone says! The DNA is the same but you'll just have nicely baked raised yeast bread. A classic beignet is deep fried light yeast dough; baking it is an adulteration of taste, texture and eye appeal. Some advocate that baking the dough is healthy alternative due to the lack of oil useage. But is it? If you deep fry the beignet at a minimum of 325 F in vegetable, corn or peanut oil very little oil will be absorbed and hence the total calorie content will be similar to the baked. For a few extra calories I'd hate to sacrifice the great taste of lightly sugared New Orleans beignet. Bon Apetite!


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Deep fry or forget it. :)