Question: How Much Cider Vinegar Should I Use For The Worcestershire Sauce From Scratch Recipe?

February 26, 2010
It doesn't say in the recipe. It also says something in the instructions about cider-wine vinegar. Does this mean you can use either? Or a combination?


Curt's picture

If it mentioned Cider...use Cider Vinegar. Many vinegars, including Cider, are made with a base of wine. Hence, there are many vinegars with the word 'wine' attached to them. Use Cider.

Chris Paulk's picture

Each type of Vinegar will give your sauce a slightly different flavor, Apple Cider Vinegar, will be in the middle of the pack & will give you a nice flavor without overwhelming the sauce.

Jenny Richards's picture

We've made homemade Worcestershire several times and have used a few different kinds of vinegar in the recipe. Our best result has come from coconut vinegar, actually. It's a super clean flavor that marries well with things like anchovies and tamarind.