Question: for frosted cinnamon icebox rolls

February 20, 2011
after you take the rolls out of the refrigerator the next day, do you have to let them rise in a warm place for 30 minutes or put them right in the oven to bake from the refrigerator?


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Perfect cinnamon rolls. My mom used to make Icebox rolls when we were little, but lost her recipe. I wanted to make some for my family and found this one. The rolles ended up with a perfect consistency. They were crusty on the outside with a nice soft texture. They had the perfect amount of cinnamon and were perfectly cooked at 25 minutes. I will probably find a different frosting next time though, as this one was just too sweet for my tastes. Not that my husband or daughter complained. This made three 8 in cake pans worth of rolls. I gave one to a neighbor, left one in our fridge overnight and froze the final one. Warning, don't overpack the rolls as they will need room to rise.