Question: What Are Some Good Ways To Use Macadamia Nut Oil?

March 14, 2010
Can it be substituted for canola or olive? Flash point, strong flavor?


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Macadamia Nut oil is great for stir fry. or tossed into a salad. It works well with any meat, but particularly chicken & fish. You can substitute it for melted butter in recipes. It has a high smoke temperature of about 389*. I drizzle a little into sashimi and pasta. Just open up the bottle and smell it- all kinds of ideas will come to mind!

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Awesome - would you believe an 85 year old lady I met at a health fair told me about it? She is in great health and still an avid cook!

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Chris, did you happen to see my request for a couple of your delicious vegeterian recipes?

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There is a company in Hawaii that sells flavored macadamia oils; some with herbs and some with hot peppers (Pele's Fire) - they are delicious either drizzled on salads or in stir fries as Chris mentions above. I particularly like Pele's Fire drizzled on avocadoes.