Question: Gus Saunders radio show Boston Kitchen

November 7, 2010
I moved from new England to Fl over 40 years ago but always listened to a radio show that Gus Saunders had. He also wrote food articles for the Boston Globe. People could call in and request a particular recipe or they could offer one that really liked. Sort of like this on line way, but it was a radio show. Back in the 60"s. He also made several cookbooks of these wonderful recipes. I have lost mine and wonder if anyone remembers the show and or if they have any of the recipes. He is no longer alive, so I hear. Andrews Fudgies was one of was so good. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers or has any recipes. Nancy


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Try this

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This one (which is PDF online) has his face and refers to the program on the radio- did you scroll down through it? there are 44 pages and many recipes. It looks to me like someone put their copy online.

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Ok,what I am doing is copying the link and pasting it into internet explorer browser and it takes me to several links that carry books...none of which are his. So I must be doing something wrong. Where should I be pasting this link into?

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When I was a little girl I remember listening to Gus Saunders on the radio with my mother. After moving around the country several times have lost his cookbook with the Andrew's Fudgies recipe in it. It was always a big hit whenever I made it. It also has a nostalgic memory for me as it was made for a gentleman who lived around the corner from me. If anyone has a copy I would greatly appreciate as my mother has passed and I have no other way of getting a copy now. Thanking you in advance. Ronnie